Manzi Liu


Manzi Liu Manzi Liu is a multi-medium visual artist based in South Florida, originally from China. She studied [...]

Manzi Liu2023-09-11T12:42:47-04:00

Lula Gover


Lula Gover Lula Gover specializes in painting, working predominantly in oil, acrylics and mixed media. She has focused [...]

Lula Gover2023-06-25T11:10:19-04:00

Stephanie Leyden


Stephanie Leyden During her lifelong journey as a fine artist, Stephanie Leyden continues to master bold colors, dramatic lighting, [...]

Stephanie Leyden2023-06-25T11:07:50-04:00

Brenden Sanborn


Brenden Sanborn Miami, Florida watercolorist, Brenden Sanborn has been capturing the sensuality and beauty of the male figure [...]

Brenden Sanborn2023-05-21T10:11:45-04:00

D. Biggie


D. Biggie I’m a biologist that has been working for 20 years in the South Florida area, but [...]

D. Biggie2023-05-21T09:16:30-04:00

Cesia Acevedo


Cesia Acevedo Cesia Acevedo was born in historic Leon, Nicaragua, known for its colonial-style cobblestone streets and beaches. [...]

Cesia Acevedo2023-05-21T10:14:26-04:00

Andrea Facusse


Andrea Facusse Andrea Facusse is a Honduran-American visual artist. Her artistic skills encompass a wide range of mediums, [...]

Andrea Facusse2023-05-21T10:13:06-04:00
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