Brenden Sanborn

Miami, Florida watercolorist, Brenden Sanborn has been capturing the sensuality and beauty of the male figure for two decades. Painting the male figure for Brenden is more than just placing the lines or shapes; it’s a spiritual journey into expressing a much deeper realm of male sensitivity, passion, tenderness, and vulnerability. The modern male to Brenden embodies strength, masculinity, humility, and sensuality.

Brenden takes the viewer on an artful journey by capturing the subtle differences in each subject’s emotions through their body language: A slight tip of the head, a strong angle of the shoulders, or a strong confident chest. Brenden tells a soul story on the paper or canvas by flirting with expressive color, through the pressure of the pen, or with the depth and width of lines. These subtleties are an accumulation of the emotion that the artist is feeling, as well as a complete reflection of the emotions that he is picking up from his subject, for these insights, come as naturally as his thoughts.

Color comes instinctively with each painting, too, therefore Brenden varies his palette. He sees the color of his subjects like he sees a beautiful sunset; each painting is different, and the emotion conveyed through color is completely intuitive. The painting is always an evolution of a spiritual journey to get to know the deeper, soulful man behind the alluring, erotic body.

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“The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” ~ Brenden Sanborn

Brenden Sanborn - artist