William Smith

William Smith is a multi-disciplinary artist of nearly 3 decades. Like many of his peers, Smith gained his creative footing through graffiti. Having made his mark within the culture, he decided to pivot when his taste for his art changed.

Color, shape, and intention are still present in his current body of work. Being well traveled and exposed to numerous niche cultures, Smith draws influence from his past and then presents it in the present.

Smith chooses to explain his past to clients and collectors, he prefers to educate and include them in his world. His work on canvas and walls speaks for itself, and he’s much happier to give you clues than allow the viewer to connect dots on their own.

Facebook: @Drip_Modern_Aesthetics



Sunset_Print_ Any size

“Clear thinking at the wrong moment can stifle creativity.” ~Karl Lagerfeld

William Smith – artist
Title: Balance_Print_Any size