D. Biggie

I’m a biologist that has been working for 20 years in the South Florida area, but I wanted to give back more. That’s were D. Biggie art came from. I work exclusively with sea turtles to provide support to the MEEC Marine Environmental Education Center at Carpenter House in Hollywood. From my sea turtle paintings to my Jeweled Jelly © Jellyfish, the preferred food of the leatherback sea turtle, the goal is to enthuse and educate. Broward County is a critical base for many sea turtles. Some like the leatherback are endangered. We need to be good stewards to our little strip on land and protect and share our beaches with these gentle creatures. My work helps to remind people of this. My goal is to inspire more people to care and help with sea turtle conservation.

Facebook: @DBiggieArt

Instagram: @DBiggieArt

Website: www.DawnMaslar-Biggie.com

“I feel closest to my creator when I am creating.” ~ D. Biggie

D. Biggie