Shanique Dawkins


Shanique Dawkins Shanique Dawkins was born and raised in Portland, Jamaica. She has an innate passion for the [...]

Shanique Dawkins2024-02-20T20:12:17-05:00

Sibella Bresciani


Sibella Bresciani My name is Sibella Bresciani.  I have two beautiful daughters.  I was born in Chile but [...]

Sibella Bresciani2024-02-18T20:21:07-05:00

Ilene Adams


Ilene Adams Ilene Gruber Adams, owner of The Marketing Works of Palm Beach, is a web designer, graphic [...]

Ilene Adams2024-01-22T18:44:52-05:00

Laurence Young


Laurence Young From a very early age Laurence Young had a passion for making art and never veered very [...]

Laurence Young2023-12-02T18:59:09-05:00

Annette Margulies


Annette Margulies ANNETTE MARGULIES, Fine Artist 407-375-5227 (cell) Email: Website: Solo shows mounted include the New [...]

Annette Margulies2023-12-02T18:31:07-05:00

Elizabeth Lula


Elizabeth Lula Formally trained at La Fundación Universitaria.  Bellas Artes — Medellin, Elizabeth launched her career at the [...]

Elizabeth Lula2023-11-12T22:40:11-05:00

Penny Fraser


Penny Fraser Penny Fraser, a resident artist at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale and an accomplished portrait photographer, operates [...]

Penny Fraser2023-11-10T19:54:14-05:00

Giancarlo Balisciano


Giancarlo Balisciano Born in Italy in 1970 to a military family, Giancarlo quickly realized that, that life, wasn’t [...]

Giancarlo Balisciano2024-01-20T13:16:13-05:00

Franklyn Sinanan


Franklyn Sinanan Franklyn Sinanan – Born in Trinidad, raised in Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada, and now lives and [...]

Franklyn Sinanan2023-09-11T19:00:59-04:00
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