William Smith


William Smith So-Cal born fine artist and muralist in FLL/Miami blending urban influences with polished sophistication and truly [...]

William Smith2024-06-21T13:37:58-04:00

Marcie Myerow


Marcie Myerow As a child, I reveled in the exploration of pencils, pastels, charcoal and paper.  As an [...]

Marcie Myerow2024-05-22T21:11:31-04:00

Jerome Glickman


Jerome Glickman Abstract Figurative Expessionist Artist I choose the figure to express my point of view. I see [...]

Jerome Glickman2024-04-16T18:05:29-04:00

Adan Bonet


Adan Bonet Adán Bonet “Bonetti” (Munich,1973) is a multidisciplinary artist from the island of Mallorca. He is part [...]

Adan Bonet2024-04-13T12:23:22-04:00

Giorge Milian


Giorge Milian Giorge Michel Milian Maura Artista de formación autodidacta, nació el 30 de abril de 1976 en [...]

Giorge Milian2024-04-12T14:10:51-04:00

Richard Becker


Richard Becker Richard Becker earned a BFA in fine arts from Pratt Institute. He pursued a long and [...]

Richard Becker2024-04-08T21:16:57-04:00

Matteo Trisolini


Matteo Trisolini I’m a father, artist, visionary and visual communicator. My subjects are hybrids, my mediums are photography [...]

Matteo Trisolini2024-04-07T12:59:53-04:00

Kyle Dansereau


Kyle Dansereau My name is Kyle Dansereau but my artist alias is Killa. I was born and raised [...]

Kyle Dansereau2024-03-13T19:11:48-04:00

Michael Macocco


Michael Macocco BFA Illinois Wesleyan University-Major emphasis Graphic Design and Printmaking. Have been Juried exhibits as well as [...]

Michael Macocco2024-03-13T19:15:47-04:00

Sara Schesser Bartra


Sara Schesser Bartra Born in Italy in 1970 to a military family, Giancarlo quickly realized that, that life, [...]

Sara Schesser Bartra2024-03-08T12:35:47-05:00
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