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I am G.Man and my art is different because it is art with an experience, and that experience is YOU. When you discover a piece of my art, you are involved, there is an inner awareness of your own heart. I invite you to let go and explore the intuitive, free-spirited journey. You feel a connection to my art, an attachment to nature, you open your heart to it, and it chooses you.

I began creating at age 4, fashioning a cross of wood for my mother.  I made art through furniture and antiques during my career as a cabinetmaker, upholsterer, designer, and restorer.  I incorporated texture, such as glass and metal – and evolved into making fountains, metal sculptures, and wooden art. The art world calls me an “Outsider Artist”.  My friends call me a “Renaissance Man”, as I easily learn, apply, and combine different fields.

I apply my abstract vision to wood that I have cut, carved and sanded – mostly reclaimed wood such as cedar, pine, mahogany, and mango.  I sculpt with wood, I paint on wood, and I mount photography on wood.  I cut, bend, and weld metal with wood to create sculpture.  I design paint, texture, and framing onto wood, also plaster and cement, to create mixed media pieces.  I create depth and emotion by combining wood with upcycled material and natural media, such as glass, coral rocks, shells, even fabric.

I have been selling my art since 2017 as G.man production “art for your heart”, working as a two-person team with my wife Cathy running all operations of our art business. I have an inventory available, plus I take custom orders. Genuine G.man pieces include my copper hand-stamped logo.

My current focus is mango wood.  I sculpt the wood for you to embrace it, in this case a very special mango wood that has dried for 4 years in my studio, from my 60-year-old Florida tree. Each sculpture in my mango collection is one-of-a-kind comes from the same single tree in my garden. She nourished me with mangoes for over 20 years, and then as she was succumbing to age, I saved the wood to sustain her into the future as sculptures of loving art for you and me to share.

While you can visit me on Facebook and Instagram, I find Tumblr has higher quality resolution and better display for showing photographs of my art, you can find my page at the following link:


FACEBOOK: @G.ManProductionHollywoodFlorida

INSTAGRAM: @I.am.G.Man_Production

“They say artists always have a message.  For me, it is to make people happy.  No matter what art I make, I want you to stop and think about what it says to you.  It is very simple, happiness is how to make the world a better place.  That is why I make . . . ‘art for your heart.’” ~ G.Man Production

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