Manzi Liu

Manzi Liu is a multi-medium visual artist based in South Florida, originally from China. She studied Art Design at South China Agriculture University and Studio Art at Ecole Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in France. She completed a BFA in Studio Art – Painting at Florida Atlantic University.

Her work has been featured in many exhibitions, such as Bailey Contemporary Art Gallery, Ritter Gallery, Ali Cultural Arts Gallery, Broward Center, City of Pembroke Pines Class Gallery, and more. Additionally, she creates murals for public spaces and local businesses in Florida. She has been interviewed by PBS TV, Art Loft, WSFL TV, Shoutout Miami Magazine, and Pompano! Magazine.

The beauty of human culture, historical objects, and nature inspires Manzi. She often focuses on women and children as her primary subjects, placing them within cultural landscapes and incorporating expressive brush movements and bright colors to evoke emotion. Her style falls somewhere between Surrealism and Expressionism, and she primarily works with acrylics, oils, ink, and oil pastels on canvas or paper.

Both Asian and American cultures, along with her dreams and memories, play influential roles in shaping Manzi’s artistic vision. She often incorporates traditional Oriental elements, such as ancient mythology, clothing, landscapes of historical significance, and antique objects. Ultimately, she aims to tell a story through her art that evokes hope, strength, and joy for those who view it.

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“I don’t want to regret that I didn’t live the life I want to live when I close my eyes.” ~ Manzi Liu

Manzi Liu - artist