Franklyn Sinanan

Franklyn Sinanan – Born in Trinidad, raised in Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada, and now lives and paints full-time in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Solo Exhibitions include: “Sacred Sacrificial Space”, African Cultural Heritage Center, Miami, FL, 2022; Miami City Hall, “Black History Month”, Miami Beach, FL, 2010; “Addicted to Love and Abuse” at Edge Zones, Miami Art Space, Wynwood Art District, Miami FL., Feb. 2008 and March 2008; “ Spring Garden” at Birchwood Gallery, Yellowknife, Artic Circle, Canada, Nov. 2007, “ Not for the Faint of Heart” at Elder Gallery, Charlotte, N.C., Feb. 2007; “Hidden Treasures” at The Pearl Factory, Hamilton, ON., Canada, Oct. 2007; The Pearl Factory, May 2007; “Images from Within” at Elder Gallery, Charlotte, N.C., Feb. 2007; “Mixed Media” at The Urban Gallery, Toronto, ON., Canada, May 1996; “Slave to the Rhythm” at Hand Works Gallery, Picton, ON., Canada, July1999; “A Spiritual Journey” at Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON., Canada, May 2001; “AIDS” at Fitchburg State University Gallery, MA, Oct., 2003.

Group Shows includes:

“Provactive” Hotspots Gallery, Wilton Manors, FL, 2022; “Caribbean Exhibition@HOTSPOTS!”, Wilton Manors, FL 2023; “First Frequency”, Art Basel 2022, African Cultural Heritage Center, Miami, FL, 2022; “Overdress”, Historical Hampton House, Miami, FL, 2022; “A Tribute to Oscar Thomas”, African Cultural Heritage Center, Miami, FL, 2022; “Deja Blue”, Gallery One Hotel, Ft Lauderdale, FL, 2022; Art Basel Miami; “Art Africa 2019”, Miami, FL, 2019; Art Basel Miami, “Scope”, 2018; Salvation Army, Ft Lauderdale, FL, “Red Shield ReDesign”, 2018; ArtServe, Ft Lauderdale, FL, “True Colors”, 2018; Bombay Sapphire Competition Semi-finalist, Miami, FL, “Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series”, 2018; AC Gallery, Hollywood, CA, “Art in LA”, 2018; ArtServe, Ft. Lauderdale, FL “RedEye”, 2018; Parallax Art Fair, New York City, New York, August 2012; South Florida Art Center, “The Afterlife”, Miami Beach, FL, July 2012; Miami Beach LGBT Visitor Center, “Listen Out”, Miami Beach, FL, March 2012; Rosetti Fine Arts Gallery, “Best of the Best II”, Pompano Beach, FL, February, 2012; Art Basel – Art Africa Exhibition Hall, “Art Africa 2011” Miami, FL December, 2011; Eduard Nieto Studios, Art Basel Exhibition, Miami, FL, December 2011; Alberto Linero Gallery, “Pink Bastard”, Miami, FL, October 2011, South Florida Art Center, “Center of Attention”, Miami Beach, FL, December 2011; Miguel Paredes Fine Art Gallery, “Bombay Artisan Series”, Miami, FL, 2011; Alberto Linero Gallery, “September”, Miami, FL 2011; South Florida Art Center, “Splinter Fuse”, Miami Beach, FL, 2008; ArtSpace, “Common Ground”, Miami, FL, 2009; “Caribbean Canvas”, Miami, 2009; “Boys in the Hole”, Miami Beach, 2009; Rosetti Gallery, Broward Art Guild, “Human Image”, Pompano Beach, FL, 2010; Gallery 101, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2010; Gallery 101, Broward Art Guild, “Abstractions”, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2010; Rosetti Gallery, Pompano Beach, FL, 2010; Rabbit Gallery, “Day of the Dead”, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2010; Cando Art Co-op, “Death Art”, Miami Beach, FL, 2010; Scratch Gallery, Toronto, ON., Canada, April 2007; Miami Beach City Hall, “Black History Month” 2006; Gallery Bibianne, Toronto ON., Canada, 2004/5; Art in the County, Picton, ON., Canada, 2000/2003; Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto, ON., Canada, 1998; O’Conner Gallery, Toronto, ON., Canada, 1998; A Space Gallery, Toronto, ON., Canada, 1996.

Franklyn Sinanan is the recipient of Awards and Honors:

Bombay Artisan Series Miami Semifinalist, Miguel Paredes Fine Art Gallery, Miami, FL, 2011; Gallery 101, “Octoberfest”, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1st Place, 2010; Broward Art Guild, “Human Image”, Pompano Beach, FL, 1st Place, 2010; Broward Art Guild, “Abstractions”, FT. Lauderdale, FL, Judges Recognition, 2010; Rosetti Gallery, Pompano Beach, FL, 2nd Place, 2010; Artist in Residency, South Florida Art Center, Nov. 2005-Apr. 2006 and Feb. – May 2008; Canada Arts Council Travel Grant, 2001; Canada Arts Council, 2003; “Juror’s Award” Art in the County, Picton, ON., Canada, 2003; “Honourable Mention” Art in the County, 2000.

Guest artist at the Ashoona Studios and the Ashoona family of Eskimos, particular concentration with Inuit artists Goota Ashoona and R.A. Kussy, based in Yellowknife, Artic Circle, Canada, Oct. 2007. “It was an enriching experience to work with a third generation female Inuit artist. I was exposed to new mediums and techniques, carving with whalebones and learning about the Canadian Artic and Inuit artists.”


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• South Florida Art Center, Lincoln Road, South Beach, FL; 9 years, 2007 – 2016


• Justin Wine; Merril Lynch former VP
• Kerry Munson; Weight Watchers VP of HR
• Martin Keller; Pivatbank IHAG, Zurich CEO
• Jeanette Dorfman; Miami Beach Botanical Gardens President BOD
• Neil Hall; Art Africa Founding Director
• Larry Bordanaro; Monsignor, Archdiocese of Toronto

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