Giancarlo Balisciano

Born in Italy in 1970 to a military family, Giancarlo quickly realized that, that life, wasn’t going to be his life.

Since he can remember, he has always been attracted and intrigued by photography. He began playing with his father’s camera at a very early age and, later, sneaking out with it and trying to capture what caught his eye.

Mostly self-taught, in 1982 he joined a course in analog photography, enjoying every single moment of it.

In 1988 He left Italy and became a world citizen. Through living in many different countries and working in diverse artistic fields, he began to explore the beauty, as well as the sadness, around us, trying to capture them with his camera.
After being introduced to digital photography and digital editing, a new love was born, expanding his artistic horizons.

Since the end of 2022 he has been living in Wilton Manors with his husband (their son is in college) and, today, he has decided to combine his artistic and creative skills with his experience in order to transform his photographic content into digital art.

For Giancarlo, it is difficult to show his work because, between his constantly changing creative moods and his relentless perfectionism, his work never seems “finished” to him. A friend once told him; “Creativity can be an artist’s worst enemy” and, for Giancarlo, he was right.
Giancarlo hopes to meet many fellow artists here in our vibrant community in the hope of continuing to develop as an artist and expand his creative world.



“You are your own limit.” ~ Giancarlo Balisciano