Penny Fraser

Penny Fraser, a resident artist at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale and an accomplished portrait photographer, operates her studio in Lauderdale by the Sea. Her creative pursuits are an inspiring blend of visual storytelling and artistic innovation.

She is known for the “40 over 40 Bombshell Series,” an initiative close to her heart. In this passion project, Penny captures the essence of 40 extraordinary women from the community who are aged 40 and beyond. Beyond the lens, she shares their compelling life narratives, creating a powerful testament to the strength and wisdom that comes with age.

Penny’s artistic vision is further realized in her mixed media art series, “Sirens of the Sea.” This project is an exquisite fusion of traditional art techniques, like acrylic painting, with cutting-edge tools, including Photoshop, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and animation. The result is a collection of enchanting and mystical Sirens, each a guardian of our oceans and their precious marine life. Infused with vibrant, otherworldly colors and animated with nautical elements, these Sirens evoke a harmonious balance between the feminine and masculine energies of the sea.

Notably, the series promotes diversity with its inclusion of male and female Sirens from different ethnic backgrounds, colors, and ages. Beyond its aesthetic charm, Penny’s work carries a profound message of ocean conservation. Through her colorful and whimsical art, she aspires to instill wonder and joy in all who experience it, simultaneously advocating for the protection of our oceans and their fragile ecosystems. Penny Fraser’s artistic journey is a testament to her dedication to both artistry and community, forging connections that transcend generations and fostering appreciation for our natural world.

FACEBOOK: @pennyfraserphotography

INSTAGRAM: @pennyfraserphotography

“I aim to empower and inspire people through my art and photography.” ~ Penny Fraser