Lula Gover

Lula Gover specializes in painting, working predominantly in oil, acrylics and mixed media. She has focused on female-centric images. Her work captures the essence of women in an allegorical sense, representing honor to the figure of women and a reflection on them. Sensitive to her surroundings, she uses a precise and glowing palette to convey to the woman her dual gaze between vulnerability and strength, emphasizing her eclectic beauty. The artist’s portraits are inspired by people she spontaneously meets in everyday life.

Lula Gover has exhibited her artworks in many shows in the USA, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, China and Costa Rica. She received a Special Mention in the Art Show, “For a Living Memory”, at the Provincial Cultural Center of Santa Fe, Argentina.

In addition to painting, Lula Gover has made public art, such as murals, street art, and others.

Lula Gover has painted two elaborate art murals at the “Wall of Unity”, in Lake Worth Beach, Florida.

Lula Gover had the privilege of being invited by “Murart”, a group of Mexican Muralists to create together, two murals using the sgraffito technique. Murals are located in two different neighborhoods of Tlalpan, Mexico.

Lula Gover was part of “Take a seat Vienna”, a public art installation. She designed and painted a bench that was displayed in the Town of Vienna, Virginia.

Lula Gover is one of the 600 artists who participate each year in the Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. She creates a masterpiece on asphalt using chalk.

Currently, Lula Gover continues to create her art production on a canvas or wall that expresses her unique personal vision.

Facebook: @LulArt4Ever

Instagram: @ArtByLulaGover


“Art is the free expression of the soul.” ~ Lula Gover

Lula Gover - artist