Sami Davidson

The world is different now and color is my happy place. I am inspired by our magnificent Florida sunsets, the luscious colors of the flowers in my garden and the translucent turquoise hue of the ocean. My art is about taking these colors and creating beautiful joyful paintings. For me, creating a painting has always been an exciting and unpredictable adventure. As a non-objective abstract artist, I work intuitively. Creation comes from within. My process is one of impulsive (and sometimes compulsive experimentation). I begin my paintings with random bursts of bright colors. Then I apply layers of opaque and transparent colors, gestural marks, handmade papers, drips, stamps and stencils. A final image gradually emerges. This image results in a record of the work I have created. I hope it will evoke an emotional and pleasurable response in the viewer.



Sunset_Print_ Any size

“Love, Laugh, Paint, and Dance”

Sami Davidson - artist