Ken Harrison

Ken’s interest in photography began at an early age, with 35 mm film, and his own dark room, where he processed his own prints, progressing from black and white to color.  Ken exhibits in South Florida, in international shows, public galleries, and private collections. He is a member, and past president of the Broward Art Guild.       

Ken’s passion for photography leads him to choose moments of beauty found in everyday life:  Things others may pass by without so much as a glance, attract his attention.  He captures moments and emotions to remember in all his photographs, winning several awards along the way.       

Finding inspiration in nature, everyday life, travels, people, theatre, and more, he enjoys photographing theatrical productions, nature shots from his travels, public murals, landscape and wildlife, and candid photography at events.  There is always something that catches his eye. 

The culture and climate of South Florida appeal to Ken’s artistic senses, inspiring his own creativity:     festivals, cuisine, architecture, gardens, the Everglades, music, and graphic arts are all represented in his extensive portfolio.  

Ken’s work was limited to personal use until 2008, when he started to exhibit publicly.  He credits friends and family for their encouragement in his continued efforts to produce and exhibit his work.     




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Ken Harrison - photographer
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