Jay Quiovers

Born in Marietta, Georgia, Jay Alexander Quiovers noticed he had a natural talent in drawing & painting when he took an art class in high school as a prerequisite for a photography class that was his starting interest. While studying photography for a semester, he got a job as an assistant at a photography studio close to his school. Throughout the rest of high school, Jay continued taking art classes that introduced him to multiple uses of mediums and surfaces. He studied art history and graduated with his artist portfolio with recognition as Vice President of the National Art Honors Society of the school. After high school, he more-so followed his photography career which developed into his own LLC start-up, Jay Imaging. After multitude of various jobs alongside his photography business he eventually moved to New York City where to explored the modeling industry as a model himself. It wasn’t until 2019 when he started venturing back into drawing & painting where he found his love for it again. Jay would say he is an expressionist artist, as he expresses his emotions in his artwork as a releasing outlet. Jay continues to open himself up to learning more and build upon his talent.

Although Jay is continuously working on his own art projects, he is open to accepting commissioned work as well. Feel free to contact him for details.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jayscreativearts

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jaycreativeartspro

Website: www.jayscreativearts.com

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“My goal is to inspire growth with creativity, intellect, & love in the hearts and minds of others.”

Jay Quiovers - artist
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