Hector Urdaneta

My most recent work on surrealist portraiture allows me to express my vision of the good and evil to what we call life. Life in my bionic vision exists through creation of a piece in many independent parts, with lines, shapes, colours, stories, drawing and shades fusing for an irreverent and bold portrait. Having as a result the creation of a canvas with spray, paint, pencil, and acrylic. The inspiration came through an analysis of how we see ourselves after going through the adversities that life puts us, in how we overcome it to be happy again, and smile after all. That is the reason of my bionic vision which is building a portrait from several canvases, which represent the colors and harmony in life. Drawing a black background portrait shows my architectural resources, which are a fundamental part of being able to transmit all mixed feelings as pain, suffering, anger and how we can overcome them. The portrait will make the observer feel as if the observer was in front of a mirror, touching feelings, making feel emotions, giving to the observer a travel into his past and present, remembering that we all are a construction of many emotions, feelings, graces, disgraces, tragedies, joy, pride and others that, athe end of the day, represent our own canvas in our life. 


Website: www.hectorurdaneta.com 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urdanetart/ 

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Hector Urdaneta - artist
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