Anthony Timiraos

Born in Havana, Cuba, Anthony Timiraos currently resides in South Florida. He began his professional career as a Certified Public Accountant and worked in various financial positions in Hartford, Boston, New York City and South Florida.

Prior to retirement in 2016, Anthony co-founded and became the first Chief Executive Officer and President of Our Fund, a community foundation serving the LGBTQ+ community.

His love for photography began in his early college years. Today, Anthony is known for his focus on the male form, which has led to the creation of a captivating body of work displayed in four books including “expose Art”. Somehow, the images are far more than skin deep as the pose and mood he elicits lets us glimpse the inner person. Currently, Anthony is experimenting with manipulating the subject as the object in startling juxtaposition.

Furthermore, his exquisite photographs from global travels also bespeak a truly perceptive eye for ambiance and character. A man with a cigar in Cuba or a woman in a sari in India look out at us in universal recognition.

Books published by artist/author (all available at Amazon):

expose, a collection of classical nude photographs

expose More, the continuing collection of classical nude photographs

expose Love, a photographic love essay of male couples in classical nude poses

expose Art, male nude photography at a virtual exhibit

The Faces of Cuba, a photographic view of life on the island

Journey to India, a photographic collection





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Anthony Timiraos - photographer
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