Carla Golembe

“We live on an increasingly small planet in dangerous times. Our capacity for love and compassion is equaled by the biases and hatreds that people have harbored since the beginning of time. And yet I continue to paint beauty, joy, connection and harmony. My paintings are human and universal, multicultural and cross cultural. My intention is to create a visual haven that encourages viewers to enter my domain, dwell in beauty, rejoice in color and breathe. My women emanate wonder, strength, love and mystery. They are goddesses, angels, BFFs, everyday women who rise to their power and compassion. The work is evocative rather than descriptive. My interest as an artist lies in expressing how something feels rather than what it looks like. I am painting hope and feminine strength. The world of my paintings is not “realism” but perhaps it’s “magic realism.” It’s the reality of what makes my life worth living, what makes us human and what I want to bring into the world. ”

Carla is an award-winning acrylic painter and illustrator who lives in Delray Beach. Her work is included in numerous collections including Hyatt Corporation, Medical College of Virginia Hospital, JFK Library, Boston Public Library, University of Maryland University College, Academy Art Museum, Worcester Art Museum, and Shepard Pratt Hospital. She has painted 5 animal sculptures for animals on parade public art projects, the Piano of Joy for Keys to the City and a wine label for Dos Puentes Winery. Recent commissions include Hadassah and Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott. She has been an artist in residence at Altos de Chavon, Hambidge Center and Kalani Honua. She has received numerous distinctions including 2 Honorable Mentions from Turner Color Works, as well as awards from the American Folklore Society, A Picture Book Honor from Parents’ Choice and a Best Illustrated Picture Book from the New York Times Review of Books. She has taught painting, color, drawing and illustration to college students and adults for forty years and is currently teaching acrylic on Zoom and loving it.

Facebook: @CarlaGolembe.PainterIllustrator

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“Paint is joy.” ~ Carla Golembe

Carla Golembe – artist
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Title: Balance_Print_Any size