Andrew Hollimon

Andrew (Andy) Hollimon, hereafter Ana`Alu, creates and develops from the same artistic creative vision and mission. Ana`Alu develops with a personal devotion reaching the eye as a portal to individual sensory perception which in turn generates interest as the foundation for piquing consumer interest. He creates with a methodology that embodies detail, unfiltered and unrestricted use of color, focused like a novel theme with visuals that deliver a message often delineated via the title of the piece. A personal mission is to capture an audience, entertain with visuals and offer a visual reward to any viewer who views the piece in close proximity. “Wow, as I look closer I didn’t see that from a few feet away!” Ana`Alu isn’t a specialty or theme artist. His creative processes are applied to wildlife pieces, landscape scenes, moonscapes, figurative pieces, patterned abstract works, and much more frequent real life storied pieces (COVID) when he employs Realism. His works are produced in acrylic and oil colors, use of the palette knife, acrylic gesso, modeling paste; on canvas. Ana Alu’s background, despite degree matriculation through the level of an MBA, does not include training in the arts.

His exhibits include piece exhibits in: ATB Fine Arts Continuum V, VI & VII, (West Palm Beach), ATB Fine Arts African Diaspora exhibits, The Box Gallery (West Palm Beach) The Broward Art Guild, Broward State College African American art exhibits, The Paul Fisher Gallery, and various exhibits entries via the Delray Art League, Art Fort Lauderdale, Art on Bric Walls Gallery, Upside Gallery, Lauderdale Lakes Art in the Round, The Jones Gallery (Kansas City, MO), and the Wellington Art Society.

Ana`Alu Artist Statement

I accomplish each art project with focused attention to a personal belief the eye is a portal to the mind’s sensory zones. As a portal to the human psyche, piquing interest initiates a process that facilitates human consumerism. “The eye is a portal to sensory perception; the hammer will only find the nail that stands out.” Once the sensory zones are excited (color, message, theme), the existential reality of humanism leads to the purchase of art. My pieces draw attention while delivering a message. Realism and a bit of surrealism, when coupled with color, messages, and title theme, and at times insertion of sculptured modeling paste, have proven successful when accompanied with effective marketing.

Facebook: @anaalu8


Sunset_Print_ Any size

“Vision is a portal to all sensory perception, artist turn a viewing into deep scrutiny of a piece…succeed.” ~Ana’Alu

Ana'Alu – artist
Title: Balance_Print_Any size
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Title: Balance_Print_Any size