Sibella Bresciani

My name is Sibella Bresciani.  I have two beautiful daughters.  I was born in Chile but I came to the United States over forty years ago.

I grew up in a family of artists, from visual arts to dancers and poets.  As I grew up I always saw my mother painting, so I think that the talent and the desire to create comes from her.  I live in Miami and I am an art teacher as well as an artist.  My goal is to be a full time painter, but now it is not possible, that is why I paint whenever I have free time.  I am a Breast cancer survivor, so now I try to enjoy every second of my life, without taking any moment for granted.

FACEBOOK: @artbysibella

INSTAGRAM: @sibellabresciani

“Never the loser, always the winner. Never the victim, always the fighter.” ~ Sibella Bresciani