Lali Safavi

I started painting when I was a little kid. I don’t have any formal training and I’ve never really displayed any work I’ve done. It’s something that I’ve always done on my own because I love it. I hadn’t picked up a brush in several years when I moved to Fort Lauderdale a little less than two years ago. Here, I met a woman named Pamela, now a close friend, who asked me to illustrate a children’s book she wanted to write, which I was happy to do. I think my painting style lends itself well to illustration. This has been an artistically rich and rewarding experience. We have gone on to create KornApple Studio and plan to do more books together.

Through that process, I have rediscovered my love of painting with the kind of simplicity it held for me as a child. The natural beauty that surrounds us in South Florida is a daily inspiration. Unlike my earlier years, I am interested in showing my work now, enjoying other artists’ works, and sharing inspiration.

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Lali Safavi – artist
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Title: Balance_Print_Any size