Diane Lublinski

A childhood love of fantasy finds its way into my work. I express the absurdity of life while drawing influence from unexpected sources like the lyrics of music and nursery rhymes.  

I have a clear vision of a finished piece before I start. With this idea in mind, I immediately get started with a combination of wheel thrown pieces, coils and slabs. I alter by pinching, cutting and adding clay until my idea emerges.   

My pieces are decorated with colored slips and underglazes while still wet and then fired to 1830°. After adding pigmented washes and glazes my final firing to 2232° completes the process.   


Website: www.ClayForms.com 

Email: Diane@ClayForms.com 




Sunset_Print_ Any size

My ceramic work is defined by my love of the human form.

Diane Lublinski - artist
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