The Provocative Show

Interviews — 5 Min Read

Modern Art Exhibition at Avada Galerie

Originally called the “Naughty Show”, this titillating exhibit by ArtsUnited began as a photography show displaying edgy and erotica photography. In 2018 ArtsUnited decided to broaden the scope of this exhibition to all artists who create works that stimulate, seduce, excite, insult, offend and -above all – provoke.

The Provocative Show encourages artists and performers to explore their sensual side. Artists from all over Florida look forward to examining their art and preferred medium through a lens that is sometimes taboo or frowned upon by “polite” society. Fun and carefree, opening night receptions for the Provocative Show are not to be missed. Artists and guests alike are encouraged to wear and flaunt their most provocative fashions; frequently live models are also there to entertain guests of this exhibit. No matter what you find provocative, this exhibition encourages you to expand your mind and reconsider the way our culture approaches sexuality and sensuality, as well as your own, in a safe and welcome space.

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