CALL FOR ARTISTS Studio 18 Art Complex

DEADLINE: Friday, July 26, 2024. You can submit up to 3 works. VERY IMPORTANT! Label the image(s) of your submitted work(s) First Name, Last Name, Title, Size & Price.

EXAMPLE: Andy-Warhol-CAMPBELLSOUP-20×20-MixedMedia-1500.jpg.

ENTRY SIZE: Minimum – 11×14 , maximum – 40×60. Be sure and submit your brief artist statement / description of each artwork.

THEME: “The Light You Bring” is not merely an art exhibit; it’s an invitation. This collection explores the inherent light that resides within each of us, a radiant force waiting to be acknowledged and shared with the world. The featured artists utilize a variety of mediums to capture this essence. Whether through vibrant colors, evocative textures, or thought-provoking forms, each piece invites viewers to contemplate their own inner light. This exhibit is not just about aesthetics; it’s about empowerment. By encountering the diverse expressions of light within the artwork, we are encouraged to recognize and celebrate the unique light we each bring to the world. The space becomes a catalyst for self-discovery, prompting us to consider how we can radiate positivity and illuminate the lives of those around us.

“The Light You Bring” reminds us that we are not passive observers of the world, but active participants. We have the power to illuminate darkness, inspire hope, and create a brighter future, one luminous act at a time. Recent works by local South Florida artists in a variety of media of painting, photography, 3D/sculpture, mixed media, ink drawing, and graphic arts. All entries will be juried, and only those selected by the juror will be permitted
into the exhibition. All artwork must have NOT been in a previous ArtsUnited juried exhibition.

ACCEPTANCE DATE: By Sunday, July 28, 2024 you will be notified by email if your work has or has not been chosen to exhibit.

LOCATION: Studio 18 Art Complex, 1101 Poinciana Drive, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025

EXHIBIT DATES: Friday, August 16 – Saturday, October 12, 2024

INTAKE: Saturday, August 10, 2024 / 10:30AM – NOON. Bring your chosen art to Studio 18.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, August 16, 2024 / 7-9PM. Awards ceremony – 8:30PM.

OUTTAKE: Saturday, October 12, 2024 / 10:30AM – NOON. If you are unable, please arrange someone to pick up artwork(s) on time.

ENTRY FEES: $35 – up to 3 artworks. ArtsUnited members. Not a member or need to renew?, go to

BE PREPARED: If your work has been chosen, have your Call For Artist (INTAKE FORM) clearly filled out, print and bring with you to Intake. DON’T FORGET FORM!!! IMPORTANT!!! Artwork(s) must be clearly labeled on the back with with Artist’s Name, TITLE, Size & Price (including the 30%).  No sawtooth hangers. Artwork MUST BE WIRED and ready to hang! NO EXCEPTIONS!


ArtsUnited receives 30% of each artwork sale. Make sure to add 30% to your price. I understand that although every precaution is taken when handling the work, ArtsUnited is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of work. If artwork is sold during the exhibit, ArtsUnited has up to 30 days after exhibit closing to issue payment to the artists for the sold piece or pieces.

This is a juried exhibition.
1st Place – $450
2nd Place – $250
3rd Place – $150
Honorable Mention
3 – @ $50
People’s Choice – Ribbon