Sue Klau

Born in Chicago, I had the advantage of having the Art Institute of Chicago as one of my early playgrounds. I attended classes there from ages 8-18, then headed to Smith College where I majored in Art. Next, I earned my Masters in Art Education at Lehman College of CUNY.  

I have drawn, painted, and created art my entire life. Teaching art to children ages 5-10 was one of my life’s great joys and satisfactions. Now retired, I have more time and intent for my own work. Now, I work best in the company of like-minded artists, either in local studios or at Art New England Summer Workshops when possible.   

Currently, my work is about more than making art: it is about making meaning in my life, finding space and peace. This is occupational therapy at the highest, most joyful level.   

My phone camera is my new sketchbook, capturing natural and structural forms; mundane images lure me. Sewer covers, construction pipes, fire hydrants, and plant forms of all kinds become abstract works in my mixed media pieces. I use these photographs, cut up or copied onto tissue paper, to collage into my work or to make a silk screen. Technology is informing and assisting my work now. My paintings morph from the first shape on the paper to what finally feels complete. The power and delight are in moving the materials, exploding the image, and creating new shapes and forms. Experimentation with materials, media, scale and space, structure and texture, whether in color or monotone, dictate the direction of my intuitive work.  

Phone: 305-785-9696  


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Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.
~ Pablo Picasso

Sue Klau - artist
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