Ruth Schachter

I have been involved in the craft/art world for much of my life. When I moved to Florida from Philadelphia several years ago, I moved down here with an unused tapestry loom that I picked up at an auction for $1. I found a terrific online teacher and started my tapestry journey. When the world unexpectedly shut down soon after, I started weaving all the time and have kept weaving. Thanks to the internet, I’ve found an international community of wonderful weavers and generous teachers.

Tapestry weaving is a combination of design, materials, and patience. The cloth is built up on a loom, by hand, starting at the bottom, adding new threads (the weft) with every color change. Within the framework of warp and weft which create a simple grid, the possibilities in design are endless. There are always new techniques and fibers to try. I’ve recently begun to experiment with botanical dyes, using plants from my own garden to dye wool yarn. I get much of my visual inspiration from Florida’s flora and fauna, which are still relatively new to me.

Instagram: @Ruth.Schachter.73

Sunset_Print_ Any size
Ruth Schachter - Fiber Artist
Title: Balance_Print_Any size
Title: Balance_Print_Any size