Michelle Drummond 

Michelle realized from early on in her art career that manipulating multicolored fiber and incorporating acrylic paint on canvas was an avenue to help her navigate and cope in unfamiliar environments. Her artwork exudes the true expression of her quest for life and the undeniable influence of her rich Jamaican culture, her experiences living here in the United States and exploration of other cultures through her travels.

Each piece is a manifestation of experiences that were once suppressed or embraced and transcends the precincts of culture, religion, gender and ethnicity. The evolution of her work from 2-D to 3-D forms on and off the canvas correlates to her risk-taking tenacity and fearlessness to accept challenges that push the boundaries of her artistry while remaining authentic to her dexterity. Although her work reflects a touch of whimsy, each piece carries an underlying message of hope, perseverance and optimism.

Website: www.drummondfineart.com 

Facebook: @drummondfineart

Instagram: @drum_strings 

Sunset_Print_ Any size

“Time waits on no none.”

Michelle Drummond - artist
Title: Balance_Print_Any size