Manuel Leon

My name is Manuel Leon, I am an experienced Graphic Designer and Marketing Director. I have studied Fine Arts from the University of the Andes (One of the top colleges in Venezuela and Latin America), I hold a Degree on Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and have been working as a Marketing and Art Director for several leading companies in the South Florida area. I am also a visual artist always striving to express my creativity.

I have many passions, but art, design and communications are on top of the list. Welcome to my artist profile, check out my website to see more artwork, read my original articles about marketing and communication or shoot me a message just to say hi.

Looking forward to hear from you! 😊

Facebook: Manuel Leon
Instagram: @Mannyhats

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The True Meaning of Art

For me, the true meaning of art lies in the intention. I believe that art is not for the viewer but for the artists. I like to explore with different types of media and sometimes my work does not even looks like it was created by the same person. I usually create with digital media the most as it is the perfect realm where everything is possible while at the same time being able to produce artwork anywhere and anytime from the comfort of my computer or tablet.

My painted artwork is radically different from what I do digitally and at the same time completely foreign to my mix media work, and I love the versatility. There is one constant across my work. Geometry and symmetry always play an important role into every piece as I believe they are the foundation of beauty in anything.

“I believe that geometry and symmetry are the foundation of all beauty. In nature, in art, in humanity as it is all one and the same thing.”

Manuel Leon - visual communicator
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