Greg Lindeblom

My first camera was my father’s hand-me-down Brownie Hawkeye. Even as a ten-year-oldI was mesmerized that I could capture the wonders of the world around me. Thus, began a lifelong love affair with photography.  

Fifty-five years later, my work is still inspired by my search for elements of enduring beauty. Whether through a natural vista, the geometry of architecture, or a lovely nude, I create images that celebrate the world’s splendor.      

I have been exhibiting my photography for the past 30 years. My work has been shown in New York, Boston, Detroit, Nashville, Seattle, the AdirondacksMiami, Gainesville, and the Fort Lauderdale area.  I published five books of my photographs:  Prime Time, Stopping Time, Masculine Beauty, World Travel & Masculine Beauty 2. All of them are available through 

A native of Canada, I have lived for the past nineteen years in the Fort Lauderdale area, with my husband. In addition to my photography, I am a recently retired economics professor, giving both sides of my brain a great workout. 





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Throughout my career, my work has been inspired by my search for elements of enduring beauty in the world.

Greg Lindeblom – photographer
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