Erika Obando

Everyone comes from a story… I know that all too well. But the key is what you do with the second half of your story that ultimately defines who you are and who you are willing to become!

My name is Erika Obando. I am a Fort Lauderdale resident, an International TEDx Speaker, an Author and a Visual Artist. I recently released my first of many books, “Without A Voice – A Woman’s Journey to Resiliency.” ( The book shares the story of the traumatic challenges in my childhood and adolescence which could have become the perfect excuse for me to become a victim of life’s hardships. From abuse to violence to catastrophic life events, my life had become riddled with failures. But within the failures in my journey, I found art and taught myself how to paint. Then painting became my saving grace and creative outlet which helped change the narrative of my story and inspires others in the process.

My artistic focus is on painting a story and allowing the viewer to experience my art intimately. That in the combination of multimedia, color and freedom of form, the viewer can connect the dots of their own story within my art and free themselves in it. I use mixed media, acrylic, watercolor, pastels and Sharpie in my artwork.

From broken child to empowered woman, my mission is to help others find inner peace, forgiveness and ultimate strength within their stories inspiring them with my art.




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“Be that person everyone can’t believe you have the courage to be!”

Erika Obando – artist
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