Elizabeth Horejs

I grew up moving every few years from Wisconsin, to South Carolina, to Tennessee, to Illinois, to Iowa, and eventually Pennsylvania (where I studied Human Development and Family Studies at Pennsylvania State University and met my husband). Again, moving every few years to Florida, then to Washington, and then back to Florida (had our son). As a child, moving so often was heart-wrenching. As an adult, I want to travel everywhere.

I’ve always enjoyed both the arts and sciences and working with my hands. While in Washington, I continued my education through Peninsula College, completing certificates in Digital Photography, Digital Image Editing, and Digital Layout and Design.

Although, I have carried a camera with me since I was a junior in high school, I never gave a thought to photography outside of capturing moments with friends. After 10 years of following and studying peers, and portrait sessions, I decided to stop “hiding.”

I truly enjoy the challenge of capturing floriculture via freelancing. The art of finding that precision focus all the while holding the lens in one hand and camera in the other. Not ALL of my photographs are with this method, the majority are. However, there is something magical to each image, and I love it.

Instagram: @WallflowersFineArt

Website: WallflowersFineArt.com

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Elizabeth Horejs – photographer/graphic designer
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