Daniela Sanchez Vegas

Daniela Sanchez Vegas is an artist and citizen of the world. Born in Caracas Venezuela, she is a natural and captivating artist. Recognized for her ingenious way to create amazing pieces of art with her own creativity, straying away from the traditionally, giving life to all her creations with her owned colors palette. Her art presentation leans toward the abstract combined with mixed techniques that head a sustainable, eco-friendly initiative.

She created “Re-Inventando muebles ecologicos” in Costa Rica which translates to: Re-invented ecological furniture. This company was founded out of the need to create something different, creative, and ecological. At this point is when Daniela gives free wheel to her creativity and passion to build and create. This company became quickly recognized in Costa Rica due to its option of giving an artistic and ecological twist to furniture design. Recognition was accomplished by reutilizing and giving new life to a lot of materials which would have usually been categorized as trash and end up in a landfill.

She is a talented artist with a lot of creativity and drive to keep CREATING. Which is one of her biggest passions. Currently, Daniela is promoting her new skills and knowledge about murals, sculpture and hand-painted swimming pools, with amazing creations, a multimedia and multifaceted artist.

Always attracted to colors. Started painting and creating art at a young age. From time to time the vary of subject matter with a versatile, geometry or some equestrian art, but colors remain her true obsession.

Facebook: @DanielaSVArt

Instagram: @DanielaSVArt

Website: danielasvart.com

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“Create is just the passion of a free soul… So, let’s create!” ~ Daniela Sanchez Vegas

Daniela Sanchez Vegas – artist
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Title: Balance_Print_Any size