Alejandra “Alex” Palacios

After I received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture in Mexico City, I moved to Florida to study more in depth about new drafting and computer sciences. Also, my associates degree in Drafter and Computer Assisted Design Auto Cad, continuing with my studies in Animation Art and Design at the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale in Florida, opened the 3D world for me and confirm that I was looking for combine the traditional way of painting oil on canvas in a new way of managing colors and shapes, lines and perspective. Combining all techniques, I found my own style full of color and movement. Now I have my own working studio together with 18 more artists under the umbrella of Zero Empty Spaces representing Broward as one of many local artists trying to move the world with art.

Facebook: @alejandra.palacios.395669


Sunset_Print_ Any size
Title: Balance_Print_Any size